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Welcome to the Run for the Call team! Thank you for joining us as we spread the message of vocations and support our seminarians!

To join the team, please fill out the form below and we will send you the team discount code as well as the name of a seminarian we hope you will pray for throughout your training and at every race in which you participate.

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Our Flying Pig Marathon Team:

5K 10K Half Marathon
Kent Borchers
Deborah Kaleta#
Jack Corey##
David Doseck**
Deborah Kaleta#
Jack Corey##
Chris Geiger**
Alexander Witt**
Peter Langenkamp**
Mark Wasserman
Deborah Kaleta#
Stephanie Geiger
Ambrose Dobroszi**
Tony Potts
Julia Hartmann
Richard Hartmann
Nicki Eichhold
Full Marathon Relay Team Piglet Races
Ethan Moore**
Karoline Thorvaldsen
Jack Corey##
Bernadette Borchers, 7
Gianna Borchers, 5
Damian Borchers, 3
Meriam Borchers, 1

* Seminarian
** Seminarian for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
^ Tentative
# Running the “3-Way” for the Call (5K, 10K, and Half Marathon)
## Running the “4-Way” for the Call (5K, 10K and Full Marathon)