Join the Team!

Thank you to all those who participated on our behalf in the 2014 Flying Pig Marathon! We hope to see you again next May!

For those who have not joined us in the past and would like to be a member of Run for the Call throughout the year, please fill out the form below and we will get a team tshirt sent to you right away along with the name of a seminary we hope you will pray for throughout your training and at every race in which you participate.

This sign up will also put you on our email contact list ( to receive information about upcoming races we will be supporting as well as possible discount codes to races we support and invitations to join our training teams which will begin meeting this Fall. If you so wish you can also receive regular monthly training tips.

Our Flying Pig Marathon Team:

5K 10K Half Marathon
Jack Corey##
Megan Mears#
Sarah Schwab
Jeff Schwab
Denise Crawley
Anne Crawley
Andy Rupley
Jack Corey##
Julie Wlotzko
Megan Mears#
Josh Mears
Bryan Jones
Christy Jones
Marianne Topp
Bonnie Kramer
Sarah Geil
Wayne Topp
Matt Reinkemeyer
Nancy Kroeger
Christina Reardon
Meghan Savercool
Katie Baran
Natalie Cohen
Megan Mears#
Joshua Danis
Pam Boehm
Jennie Boehm
Sergio Garcia
Tony Potts
Chris Chalifoux
Deborah Kaleta
Erin Flege
Kristin Broering
Full Marathon Relay Team Piglet Races
 Jack Corey##
Chris Geiger*
Marie Berghoff
Stephanie Geiger
Ryan Millard
Jeff Schwab
Jason Williams*
Peter Langenkamp*
Jacob Willig*
Sean Wilson*
Jared Kohn*
Jennifer Sands
Denise Crawley
Josh Henderson
Scott Borchers
Kelly Nagel
Luke Lovell
Dave Reynolds
Laura Streszoff
Bernadette Borchers, 6
Gianna Borchers, 4
Damian Borchers, 2
Justin Topp, 8
Henry Topp, 5
Lydia Topp, 3
Julia Topp, 18 months

* Seminarian
** Seminarian for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
^ Tentative
# Running the “3-Way” for the Call (5K, 10K, and Half Marathon)
## Running the “4-Way” for the Call (5K, 10K and Full Marathon)