Team Materials

Here is a list of all the materials available to team members for promotion of Run for the Call. Please utilize the materials as widely as you can (please contact Wayne at to get high quality fliers if you would prefer not to print them at your home or office):



Run For the Call Volunteer Guidelines (PDF) – A simple guide for all volunteers who want to join the Run for the Call cause and help us awareness for vocations and funds for our seminarians.

Run For the Call Run-A-Thon (PDF) – A new fundraising opportunity for all our team members. Ask for pledges for each mile you run while training for your Flying Pig race.

Piggest Raffle Ticket Sales Guidelines (PDF) – Information on selling Piggest Raffle Tickets. Sell at least $50 worth of tickets and earn a free RFTC tshirt.

Run for the Call Regional Coordinator Info (PDF) – A list of Running Team Coordinator materials and responsibilities.

Donation Request Letter (PDF) – A Letter Writing Campaign can sometimes be the most effective fundraiser. Send this letter to all family members, friends and other personal contacts to directly ask for donations. Include with this letter a personalized donation letter from you that explains why you joined the cause. (See below for an example.)

Donation Request Letter BW (PDF) – Same as above only in black and white.

Personalized Donation Letter (DOC) – This is an example of the letter to include with the Donation Request Letter (above). Download the document and change it to say whatever you would like.

Donation Thank You Letter (DOC) – This letter is to be sent to every person who submits a donation to you on behalf of Run for the Call. In addition to thanking the individual for his generous donation, this also is proof for his records of his tax deductible donation. Make sure to change ALL the highlighted fields.

Pledge Form (XLS) – Print this form and make copies. Collect donations and hold onto the money until you have finished collecting. Send all donations to the Vocation Office at the same time. Be sure to send each donor a thank you letter for their donation.

List of Prayer Requests (DOC) – Here are the details concerning each of the prayer requests we have received through our Prayer Request page and by word of mouth. I will be updating this each time new requests are added, so please check back often.