Prayer Requests

One of the many great teachings in the Catholic Tradition is that of redemptive suffering; the teaching that understands that while life includes suffering and there is no way to avoid it, we can offer our suffering to the Lord as a form of prayer with the recognition that by suffering joyfully in this life, we unite ourselves with the suffering of Christ on the cross and the redemption He gave to all through his suffering, death and resurrection.

For this reasons, distance running is one of the most spiritually fruitful exercises as it involves a great deal of pain that we can offer in prayer for the intentions of anyone who asks. And so, this is the place to list those needs. It is our hope that this Run for the Call team not only will help to raise money for seminarians, but also will help those in this Archdiocese to deal with the struggles of their everyday lives.

Please fill out the form below and let us know who to add to our list of intentions as we offer up our pain and suffering for you.

We thank the following people for entrusting us with their prayer intentions.
Please help us lift them up to the Lord.

  • For those struggling financially, that they receive the comfort they are longing for.
  • For strained marriages, that any issue are resolved and the couples renew their commitment to where it was on the day of the wedding vows.
  • For all young men/women hearing the call to a religious life.
  • Josephine and all in abusive relationships looking for healing/span>
  • Daphne and all struggling financially
  • Phil
  • Xavier
  • Mich and Shelly
  • All mothers seeking abortion and the conversion of the heart of all abortion doctors
  • All seminarians discerning the call to the priesthood
  • All involved directly and indirectly in the Boston Marathon Bombing
  • All who are suffering sickness in both mind and body
  • Michelle
  • Pope Francis
  • Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI
  • Archbishop Emeritus Daniel Pilarczyk
  • United States Catholic Bishops
  • John
  • All Run for the Call Donors