What is Run for the Call?
Run for the Call is an initiative made up of men and women of all ages who are dedicated through prayer, sacrifice and running, to promoting a culture of vocations and raising money to support seminarians of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

How long has Run for the Call been around?
The idea for Run for the Call first came in the Summer of 2011 when, after running a marathon to help raise money for young women who were entering a religious community, Wayne Topp approached Fr. Schnippel with a way to help support seminarians who had recently come to the Archdiocese seeking additional assistance.

Our group first ran in the Flying Pig Marathon races on the weekend of May 5-6, 2012.

Why do seminarians need additional assistance?
Seminarians are usually well taken care of by the Archdiocese. For the college students, the Archdiocese pays for the costs of room, board, and formation. For the men in the graduate Theology program, the Archdiocese also covers their school tuition, gives them a stipend for books and gives them a monthly stipend to help cover the costs of car insurance, gas, etc. However, like traditional college and graduate students there are often unplanned circumstances that arise but unlike traditional college and graduate students, our seminarians are not allowed to hold jobs during the school year. They may be able to get employment over the summer, but for the men in Theology especially, that is often limited by other required summer assignments. Therefore, when there is an emergency in a seminarian’s life, often times their monthly stipends are not adequate to cover the entire expense.  The funds raised by Run for the Call would be able to supplement these stipends in such cases. There are no other scholarships or organizations in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati set up to help in these cases.

In other situations, some families simply cannot afford the full cost of the tuition to attend college seminary. They have tapped into all the available resources from the government, banks and other scholarships and grants but still cannot make ends meet without additional loans. Again, Run for the Call may be able to reduce the additional financial burden on these families, or on the Archdiocese, who was previously loaning additional money to families in this situation.

Why is this cause important?
Run for the Call is an important cause to support for two reasons:

  1. The seminarians we are supporting will one day, by God’s grace, be ordained priests for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. By lessening their financial burdens and showing support through active prayer, sacrifice and running, supporters are helping to reduce the amount of stress these men are under and giving them the explicit support they need to keep persevering in their discernment. When men can dedicate themselves more diligently to their studies, their prayer life and their ministry, they will ultimately become priests who are more dedicated to the ministry they have received (Acts 20: 24).
  2. Supporting one vocation helps to support all vocations. By supporting this cause you are also making it known that discerning one’s own vocation is a critical part of every person’s life, including your own. Our goal is to spread the message that God is calling us to serve a particular mission in His world and that it is our duty to hear that call and to respond to it. We are supporting, financially, the men who are examples for the rest of us while also supporting every young man or woman who takes the time to truly explore what God is asking of them.

How can I support the cause?
There are several ways to support Run for the Call:

  1. Pray for the success of the cause, for the seminarians in formation and for an increase in support for the vocation culture. Make a pledge to continue those prayers.
  2. Share our website and spread the word about Run for the Call in your parish, your families and your “social circles.”
  3. Sign up to be a member of the team and register to run in one of the races on Flying Pig weekend. There are races of all lengths and all races are open to both runners and walkers. So, even if you don’t like to run, there is something for everyone.
  4. Donate financially to the cause by sending a check to:

Vocation Office
c/o Run for the Call
100 E. Eighth St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Or donate online at our Prayer Pledges and Donations page.

  1. Come to one of our upcoming fundraisers and bring your friends and family.
  2. Buy a Run for the Call t-shirt for you and all the members of your family. Make an order of shirts that you offer to sell at the back of your church on Sunday.
  3. Volunteer your time and voice on Flying Pig weekend at our booth in the Charity Village at Yeatman’s Cove or at our Cheer Station along the Marathon route (more details to come). Or just come out on race weekend to cheer on our team members at any point along the race course. (Wear one of our team shirts so our members can see you on the race course, too.)

When can I sign up?
The deadline to register for one of the Flying Pig races with the discount code is April 18, 2012. You must sign up on our team page in order to receive the discount code. We will accept volunteers up to and including the day of the races.

How much does it costs to enter the race?
Prices for each race are set by the Flying Pig Marathon. With the special discount code, your Registration fee will be heavily discounted but the amount varies for each race. Also, on the registration page, please consider donating to the Run for the Call charity to compensate for the discounted registration fee.

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