Annual Spaghetti Dinner Returns!

Spaghetti Dinner 2018The Serra Club of Sidney/St.Mary’s is once again hosting their annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser for Run for the Call on St. Patrick’s Day, Saturday, March 17th! Once again this year, it will feature the homemade sauce of Fr. Martin Fox, pastor of St. Remy in Russia, OH! This sauce is not to be missed and you better get there early because it was the first to run out last year!

They offer the dinner as a free will offering and 100% of the proceeds goes to supporting our seminarians as they discern their call to the priesthood.

You can dine in or carry out your dinner from 5-7pm at St. Remy Hall. To make an extra tax deductible donation to Run for the Call, simply write a check to Archdiocese of Cincinnati and write “Run for the Call” on the memo line.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Race Day is Drawing Near!

CFPM_logoIn less than 2 weeks, members of the Run for the Call team will be joining about 10,000 of their closest friends to run the streets of the Greater Cincinnati area in the 18th Annual Flying Pig Marathon weekend! This is widely known as one of the most entertaining and enjoyable marathon experiences in the country! While many are intimidated by the hills, the atmosphere of marathon weekend in Cincinnati is tough to beat.

Add to that the message our team is here to spread throughout the weekend, that God has created us each for a definite purpose and that he calls us daily to fulfill that mission, makes the April 30-May 1 weekend all the more special! While our team is as small as it has ever been, the message is just as important as ever!
It is not too late join us in spreading that message either! There are many ways to get involved in the mission of Run for the Call. First of all, we are still looking for monetary donations. We have just $1700 left of our $5000 goal and we have until June 1st to collect it. If you are able, we appreciate donations of any size.
Secondly, we are in need of more prayer warriors out there. Will you donate some of your time or sacrifice one cup of coffee each week to benefit our seminarians and our goal of creating a culture of vocations across the Archdiocese of Cincinnati? tshirt bannerThirdly, we need help spreading the message. Will you purchase a sport-tek team t-shirt and wear it with pride when you head to the gym, or out on your morning run, or at your next race day? Finally, if you can’t run, but you just want to join in the fun, head downtown on Marathon weekend with your homemade Run for the Call sign and cheer us on!

Two Fundraising Opportunities

Lent has just begun and we here in Cincinnati have suddenly been hit with that “awful” winter that had been so loudly predicted back in November. We made it through December and January and most of February before it hit us here, but it seems it was at the absolute best time. We get to spend time with our families with many opportunities to offer pray together, offer sacrifice together and generally get Lent off on the right foot.

Additionally, it has given us opportunities to look for ways to give alms as a family and Run for the Call is giving your family two great ways to do that with fundraising events coming up in the month of March.

Spaghetti Dinner flyer picOn Saturday, March 21, the Sidney/St. Mary’s Serra Club is hosting a Spaghetti Dinner to support our seminarians through Run for the Call. This dinner will take place from 5-7pm at the Russia Catholic War Veterans Hall (located at 2444 Kelch Rd. Russia, Oh 45363). Donations for the cost of dinner and to support our seminarians will be taken at the door.

For those in Cincinnati, on Saturday, March 28th, the 4th Annual Young Adult Square Dance will be held at St. Maximilian Kolbe parish in Liberty Township. This dance, which runs from 7-11pm, will feature live square dance caller Zeke Regula (a crowd favorite) every hour and DJ filling in the gaps all night long. The cost for this event is $8/person (which covers the cost of food and refreshments) and will also offer other opportunities to support the seminarians throughout the night.

Both of these events are popular events with great opportunities to offer alms to support those who may one day serve our Archdiocese as priests.

Benefit Concert Recap: What a Night!!

IMG_0275The crowd was small for our first ever Run for the Call Benefit Concert, but that didn’t stop the duo of Danny and Japes from getting the night started right, with energy and enthusiasm that drew the kids out to the dance floor from the first beat! And from that point on the fun didn’t stop (and neither did the kids)!


Easter Rising Band (Danny and Japes can be seen in the background as well)

All around the Meyer Center people were laughing, and dancing and playing and clapping along to the sounds of Irish music provided by one of the best Irish music duos many had ever heard and it only escalated when Easter Rising joined the stage!

Sometime in the middle of the night, our seminarians showed just how fun our seminarians can be as they put on a display of their own dance moves.

The only thing missing, it seems, was the Feisty. That would have made the entire night complete.


The night’s emcee, Chris Geiger, with his dad

By the end of the night, several families had spiritually adopted seminarians, our list of team members was started, Chris Geiger (our emcee for the night) was the lucky winner of our Spartan Race Giveaway and we raised over $900 for our seminarians!

All in all, it was a fantastic start to our Run for the Call 2014-1015 season and I’m looking forward to many more great moments!

Many thanks to our event sponsors, Freshway Foods and the St. Margaret of York Knights of Columbus Council. Thanks also to St. Susanna for the use of the Meyer Center, to the bands, to Chris Geiger and the rest of the seminarians who were able to make it out and to the many great volunteers and our great planning team for helping to organize and make this event happen. We are looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

Easter Rising and Dany and Japes finish the night with the "Salve Regina"

Easter Rising and Dany and Japes finish the night with the “Salve Regina”

If you missed the concert, you can still Spiritually Adopt a seminarian, join the team, or donate to our seminarians. Any kind of contributions you are able to make are GREATLY appreciated!

Seminarian to Compete in 1/2 Ironman

Deacon Ethan Moore, a seminarian who is about to begin his final year of formation before being ordained a priest is about to participate in an entirely different kind of challenge. On Sunday, June 8th, Ethan will be participating in the 1/2 Ironman Competition in Cambridge, Maryland where he hopes to carry the prayers of many faithful and represent the Run for the Call cause!

For the uninitiated, which is probably most of us, a 1/2 Ironman consists of 1.2 mile swim in the ocean, 56 mile bike ride, and 13.1 miles of running for a total of 70.3 miles of competition! Deacon Ethan (or D to the E as he is referred to on the street) has been training for this for nearly a full year and is still not entirely sure he is ready: “This is all new to me as well, I’m excited and just a little bit overwhelmed, little bit.”

Deacon Moore has reached out to us in hopes that we can get a swarm of people praying for him and donating to the aid of his brother seminarians as he finishes his training and competes in the race. However, he’d also like us to send intentions to him that he can carry with him throughout the long grueling race. He says, so far his training has gone well, but “a big key is being able to fuel as you go so eating and drinking the right stuff and the right amount while you are racing, its a science like biology (which I really wasn’t that good at) but with God’s grace it will all happen.”

Together, let us help D to the E “bear witness to the gospel of God’s grace” (Acts 20:24) as he carries the name of Run for the Call and all our prayer intentions with him. To support Ethan, please consider donating in his honor (simply put “For Deacon Ethan” in the comment box), becoming a prayer warrior, or sending prayer intentions to us to pass along to him. With each prayer intention, we ask that you also promise to pray for Deacon Moore and his brother seminarians on June 8th or anytime between now and then.



Things are Ramping Up!

you can helpWe are now just 8 days away from the long awaited Flying Pig Marathon weekend! I can hardly wait (and yet I’m VERY glad there is still a little time to get some miles in)! In addition to the last minute training opportunities, these last 8 days give us the opportunity to ramp up our final push for raising funds for our seminarians.

Over the last several months, we have been hesitant to mention the need for funds for our seminarians. We have emphasized the greater importance of influencing our Catholic culture to become more vocation-oriented. After all, a vocation-oriented culture is one that is supportive of our men in the seminary and one that supports men and women as they struggle with the call God has placed on their hearts to enter religious life or the seminary or to enter fully into the sacrament of marriage. A vocation-oriented culture also is generous to the men and women who need financial support to continue following their divine call and until together we can create such a culture, we begin with us.

So, over the next 8 days, I ask that you please prayerfully consider donating generously to the Run for the Call cause. There are three great ways to do that:

  1. Donate directly through our website
  2. Donate by purchasing Piggest Raffle Tickets
  3. Donate by making a pledge for one of our Run-a-thon participants

prayer warriorIf you are not able to support us financially this year or at this time, we are also in great need of more prayer warriors who can commit to praying for Run for the Call and our seminarians at least once a week and, starting today, once a day for the next 8 days.

Thank you in advance for your great support!

We Need You!

we-need-youI am very happy to announce that there is still one day left to our team sign up deadline and we have 80 runners signed up already!!! One of those is a priest friend from the Northern reaches of the Archdiocese, Fr. Dan Hess! If running side by side with a priest of the Archdiocese doesn’t inspire you to join our team, I don’t know what will! Sign up right now!! Deadline is Friday, April 12, 2013 at 11:59 pm.

I’m also happy to tell you that our Run-a-Thon has received its first pledges and we are off to a good start, but we are looking to reach over 100 pledges and there are lots of runners in need of your support. So, please go on over and add your name to the pledge sheet!

volunteersFinally, we are now accepting offers of help for race day fun. We are looking for cheerleaders (i.e., people willing to stand on the race course and cheer on the team; signs are always appreciated!), booth volunteers, donations of water or other replenishing beverages for our runners after the races, and prayer supporters who can’t make it down to the race course May 4th or 5th (pledge your support here).

you can helpIn recap, we need your help in anyway you can offer it. Do you have the energy and willingness to join our team? Sign up today? Are you willing to sacrifice for the good of this Archdiocese and our seminarians a little more of the financial gifts God has given you? Make a monetary pledge or one time donation today or even a food donation. Do you have lots of energy but don’t have time or the ability to train to run? Then join us on the course to cheer on the team. Are you booked solid the weekend of May 4-5, 2013 but still want to show your support? Make a prayer pledge and let us know you are with us by the power of the Holy Spirit!