Recruiting Team Members

Hey guys! It’s now just three months until Flying Pig Marathon weekend and that means it’s time to put our names on the line! Any person who is still deciding on whether or not to run during Flying Pig weekend, allow me to list just a few reasons not just to run but to run with Run for the Call:

  1. It’s exciting!! Flying Pig Marathon weekend in Cincinnati is one of the most energizing atmospheres you will experience as an athlete. We’ve all experienced the great excitement of the All Start Game in 2015 and we’ve experienced the joy of Bengals fever (when they make the playoffs) and it’s hard to match Reds playoff baseball, but everyone reading this has had to experience those great events as an observer, this is a chance to be part of those being celebrated! There is truly a special feeling about that.
  2. Walkers are welcome too! You don’t have to run to experience the amazing atmosphere!
  3. after raceIncrease your fan base automatically! Running as a part of a team gives you another form of support among the others competing in the race! Team members recognize other team members and will call out to you, check on you and cheer you on! Who doesn’t love more fans!! 🙂
  4. This is a great source of motivation! Running for a specific cause gives you another source of motivation. So many times in distance running, we need to find different reasons to keep going. Often times we can stay self-motivated to beat the clock, but sometimes that’s just not enough. When we know that we are doing this to raise awareness for a cause or to support particular people (like our seminarians) then we have another reason to keep putting one foot in front of the other and cross the finish line.
  5. Pray more! Run for the Call offers a specific cause that inspires team members not only to be motivated to run, but also to be motivated to pray! We encourage all our members to offer all the time on the road as a form of sacrifice on behalf of our seminarians. We even give each of our members a specific seminarian to pray for by name that makes this experience even more personal than most other running teams.
  6. Save Money! All partner charities of the Flying Pig Marathon are given a special discount code for anybody who wants to join their running team. If you sign up with us, you can still get the early bird cost for the Flying Pig weekend race of your choice!
  7. Support a great cause! Run for the Call is all about showing our seminarians how much we support them as they discern their call to the priesthood and about spreading the message that we all have a definite purpose given to us by God. You can help us spread that message just by doing something you love: Running!

These are just a few of the great reasons to sign up with Run for the Call this year and to do so today! Just click here, fill out the online form and we will send you a discount code to be used when you register with See you on the course!

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About Wayne

Wayne has a wonderful, loving and supportive wife and six beautiful children. He is the Associate Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and loves learning more about the Catholic Faith and challenging himself and others to live life more fully by doing the will of God each day.

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