Benefit Concert Recap: What a Night!!

IMG_0275The crowd was small for our first ever Run for the Call Benefit Concert, but that didn’t stop the duo of Danny and Japes from getting the night started right, with energy and enthusiasm that drew the kids out to the dance floor from the first beat! And from that point on the fun didn’t stop (and neither did the kids)!


Easter Rising Band (Danny and Japes can be seen in the background as well)

All around the Meyer Center people were laughing, and dancing and playing and clapping along to the sounds of Irish music provided by one of the best Irish music duos many had ever heard and it only escalated when Easter Rising joined the stage!

Sometime in the middle of the night, our seminarians showed just how fun our seminarians can be as they put on a display of their own dance moves.

The only thing missing, it seems, was the Feisty. That would have made the entire night complete.


The night’s emcee, Chris Geiger, with his dad

By the end of the night, several families had spiritually adopted seminarians, our list of team members was started, Chris Geiger (our emcee for the night) was the lucky winner of our Spartan Race Giveaway and we raised over $900 for our seminarians!

All in all, it was a fantastic start to our Run for the Call 2014-1015 season and I’m looking forward to many more great moments!

Many thanks to our event sponsors, Freshway Foods and the St. Margaret of York Knights of Columbus Council. Thanks also to St. Susanna for the use of the Meyer Center, to the bands, to Chris Geiger and the rest of the seminarians who were able to make it out and to the many great volunteers and our great planning team for helping to organize and make this event happen. We are looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

Easter Rising and Dany and Japes finish the night with the "Salve Regina"

Easter Rising and Dany and Japes finish the night with the “Salve Regina”

If you missed the concert, you can still Spiritually Adopt a seminarian, join the team, or donate to our seminarians. Any kind of contributions you are able to make are GREATLY appreciated!


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