Benefit Concert Bonus: Spartan Race GIVEAWAY

Run for the Call has always been and will continue to be about spreading the message about vocations; it’s about spreading the message that each of us has been formed by God for a specific purpose and we are called to fulfill that purpose. Therefore, we must chase after that purpose with all of our being. We must seek it and follow it every day. Running, and the training that running involves, is a perfect metaphor for that journey. Just think about the number of times we hear about “running the race,” “finishing the race,” “competing so as to win,” all throughout St. Paul’s letters especially.  Running involves training, discipline, perseverance, determination, sacrifice and a lot of suffering, all of which lead us to grow and eventually reach our goals. In much the same way, our spiritual lives require the use of all those virtues and all, with God’s grace, will help us arrive at our ultimate goal of Heaven.

Just yesterday I was sent an invitation to join in one of the most popular outdoor races in the world, the Spartan Race. For anyone who has not heard of the Spartan Race, here is a little sneak peek:

As you can see, these races involve a lot more than just running; these races take on a whole new level of sacrifice and suffering and you can win the opportunity to join in for FREE! You can win the opportunity to offer all that suffering and sacrifice for the seminarians studying for our Archdiocese and for the fulfillment of your own vocation! What an opportunity and you only have to do three simple things:

  1. share the Celtic Benefit Concert information with all your friends (whether by social media or in person or as an announcement at your parish),
  2. come to the Celtic Benefit Concert, and
  3. put your name in the Spartan Race jar!

Spartan Race CruiseIn addition to the opportunity to win an entrance into any open heat Spartan Race in the continental US, the people at Spartan Race want to give you the opportunity to win one of 2 all inclusive trips for 2 to the Spartan CRUISE happening March 6-9, 2015 on Norwegian Cruise ship, Sky. In addition to the Sprint Spartan Race, the three day cruise will include a full day at Great Stirrup Cay and all the usual great cruise amenities you would expect from the Norwegian Cruise line. All you have to do to enter this Sweepstakes is go to this website and enter your information:

For those who may be hesitant because you wouldn’t want to leave your children behind, their cruise tickets are FREE for this trip, too. (Though you would have to pay for flight and other fees associated with cruise travel). So, put your name in the drawing and get training and while you train, pray for our seminarians and chase after your vocation!


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