Winter Warm Up Celebration

newsboy3Calling all Run for the Call participants!

We are now about halfway through our 6 week winter warm-up, and it seems, at least for the moment, the weather is starting to hear the cries of us runners! Let us get out and run!! We here at Run for the Call thought it would be great for us to plan a large celebratory run to mark the end of our Warm-Up. This will be an opportunity for us to pray together and continue to build on the momentum we have started to gain through the first three weeks of our Winter Warm up. On the final weekend of our Winter Warm-Up, March 15 and 16, we are planning runs in the North, in Dayton and in Cincinnati to gather all our current Run for the Call team members at around 9:00 in the morning and finish this Winter Warm-Up with a bang!

Details about each run are in the works and will be published very soon! Just keep an eye out here and on our Facebook group to get the official meeting times and locations.

In the meantime, keep recruiting new runners, adding your runs to our Facebook Group page and getting into our weekly drawings for great prizes!


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