The 6-Week Warmup

punxsutawney philWell, Groundhog’s Day has come and gone and as you probably know Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow and so back into his burrow he went to sleep off another 6 weeks of winter. But we here at Run for the Call are ready to put winter behind us now. And you know how we’re going to do that? That’s right…we run!
As I hope you know by now, Run For the Call is an organization of men and women who offer up the experience of running as a prayer that all people might discover the vocation that God has in mind for their lives. We promote the belief that “We all have a vocation, and I am chasing after mine!” As in year’s past, we are now starting to recruit runners to join us at the Flying Pig Marathon on the first weekend of May. lucky-smurfs-prizes1If you join us this year, you’ll have a great opportunity to win prizes, get in shape, get to know some really great Christian runners, and learn how to transform your workouts into prayer. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME. All you have to do is commit to running at least once each week between February 2nd and March 15th. Then email or post to Facebook to let us know about each run. Just tell us how far and in which county you ran.
So far, our prize pool includes scarves, RFTC running shirts, movies, books, and an entry fee for one of the Flying Pig Saturday races! Better still, there is no reason to run alone. Contact us or join the Facebook group to get in touch with other people who might want to run in your area. Looking forward to seeing you out on the road, the trails, the treadmill, or the track!

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About Wayne

Wayne has a wonderful, loving and supportive wife and six beautiful children. He is the Associate Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and loves learning more about the Catholic Faith and challenging himself and others to live life more fully by doing the will of God each day.

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