UPDATE: Run for All Souls

Run for all SoulsOn Saturday, November 2nd, Run for the Call will inaugurate it’s 2013-14 training season with an Archdiocesan-wide training run at 9:00 am in 4 different locations throughout the Archdiocese (a 5th group will be active in the Northern Cincinnati region (near Mason) in the future but will not be able to meet for this run). We will have teams meeting in Downtown Cincinnati, Beavercreek, Troy and Sidney, OH and all runners of any skill level are welcome and encouraged to attend.

We will begin all our runs with a short prayer service for All the Souls in Purgatory and will then split into running groups of varying skill sets. We will run for approximately 30 minutes (though you are welcome to run longer or stop early) and will re-group to close our time together in prayer once again.

We hope that, on top of being a great community-building activity that will provide our Run for the Call efforts with great energy moving forward, this will be a wonderful spiritual experience for all those who attend.

Here are the details for each meeting location:

  1. Downtown Cincinnati: meet at Theodore M. Barry International Friendship Park (on Riverside Drive). Park in the Montgomery Inn Boathouse parking lot (it connects to the park). Contact Wayne at 513-205-7169.
  2. Beavercreek: Meet at Beavercreek Station and the 9-11 Memorial (part of the Creekside Trail –1153 N. Fairfield Rd. in Beavercreek). Contact Josh E. at joshenglefield(at)yahoo.com.
  3. Troy: Meet at Brukner Nature Center (at 5995 Horseshoe Bend Rd., Troy, OH). Contact Hollie at 937-698-6493.
  4. Sidney: Meet at Tawawa Park (park in the Soccer Field parking lot near the Alpine Playground). Contact Josh D. at 937-492-4449.

When you arrive at each location on November 2nd, be prepared to sign a medical waiver form, and if you have children with you under the age of 18 they will need the full medical release information filled out and signed by their parent. You can get a copy of this form here (for adults) and here (for teens).

Looking forward to seeing you on November 2nd!

P.S. If you have special prayer requests you would like for us to offer up during our Run for All Souls, please send them in using our Prayer Requests page.

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Wayne has a wonderful, loving and supportive wife and six beautiful children. He is the Associate Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and loves learning more about the Catholic Faith and challenging himself and others to live life more fully by doing the will of God each day.

3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Run for All Souls

  1. Tom,
    Thanks for the question. We will be posting very soon, the locations and contact information for each of the training run locations. We are still working on the final details for two of the locations. I will update this post as soon as we have all the info. Once it is posted, simply call the contact person and let them know to expect you.

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