What a Tragedy! What Hope!

boston marathon finishToday, I think posts like this one will be popping up all over the internet. In fact, I think I am pretty much late to the party. Yesterday was a day that many of us will never forget and certainly, for those of us who have seen video coverage of the explosions and for those who were there to witness it and survive, the sight will almost never clear our minds. Yesterday was a day in which the worst of humanity was put on display for all the world to see, and once again, though we think ourselves safe here in America, the reality of our vulnerability came to light once again. To think that someone would find pride or joy in seeing the suffering of so many people, and as my wife aptly pointed out yesterday, to snatch away their moment of triumph and replace it with total defeat is nearly unfathomable.

healing the paralyticI admit that when I heard about it I was shocked. As I listened longer, I was filled with grief and dismay at the level to which humanity has sunk today and slowly I began to fill with anger at the person responsible for this heinous act. And then, in the most unlikely of places, the wonder of Facebook, I found my reminder of who we really are. It was there that I saw post after post of men and women “Running for Boston,” “praying for Boston,” “thinking about Boston,” and in one way or another “uniting with Boston.” It is difficult to imagine that someone would choose a contest of this magnitude to attack people who literally have spent every ounce of their energy to reach this finish line only to be blasted to their knees and worse. And yet, it is in these tragedies that people of every race, nation, and religion recognize that the best of humanity must shine so much brighter than the worst. That we are all connected as creations of God. That we are all brothers and sisters and that when one of us falls, the rest must be there to pick him up. We are the Body of Christ and we are God’s hands and feet.

sendingToday and for the rest of my training and into Flying Pig weekend, I will be uniting my suffering to those who have suffered so much in Boston, because I know that is what God expects of us and that is what I have been created to do. I have been sent, this is my mission.

I will be fulfilling this mission as part of the Run for the Call team and I am adding the Boston Marathon Explosion to our prayer list. If you have any other prayer intentions you would like to add, please send them in. If you would like to join us in solidarity with Boston, it is not too late. The deadline has been extended to this Friday, April 19th! If you would like to become a prayer warrior and help us pray for Boston and for an increase of understanding of our unique mission in this world, please make a pledge today!


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