Out Run by his Mother

Here is a great little witness from one of our team members

running-man-womanI was recently pushing my way through 5 mile run with my mother.  I am embarrassed to have to admit that right around the 4th mile, I had to ask my 50+ year-old mother to slow down so that her not quite 30 year-old son could keep up with her.  And to make matters worse, I asked her at just the moment that a large group of hikers was going by.  Finishing up the run left my quads burning, my calves stiff, and my lungs anxious for relief.  That’s right, my mother is in incredible shape, and she kicked my butt!

But in the interest of full disclosure, and preservation of my wounded pride, the main reason I was hurting so much is because I had just run the longest run of my life the day before, fourteen miles!  That kind of distance left me pretty cooked for a recovery run with mommy.  Unfortunately, it is only about half as far as I need to be ready to run in just a few short weeks.

Run for the Call is a movement of people from all ages and stages of life.  We promote the message that every single person has a specific vocation intended by God.  He is calling some of us to become husbands and wives.  He is calling others to be priests or religious brothers and sisters.  Still others are meant to live chaste single lives within the world.   He has a vocation in mind for you, because He knows the deepest desires of our heart.  By chasing after your vocation with zeal and passion, you will find the most rewarding life you can possibly experience on this earth.

On the first weekend in May, I will be chasing after my vocation by running my very first ever marathon!  By running, I will not only be promoting a culture of vocations, but I will also be raising money to support seminarians: those brave young men who are discerning God’s will for them to become priests.

newsboy3Throughout the month of April, I will be participating in a Run-A-Thon, marking my miles every day for 30 days while collecting pledges for each mile that I run.  Whatever money is raised will be used to support future priests in both their emergency expenses and in creating opportunities for them to do mission work.

I would be most grateful if you would consider pledging to support me or one of the other runners with a quarter, fifty-cents, a dollar, or more for each mile that we run in the month of April.    Would you please pledge your support for this worthy work by following the link available below.

Run For The Call Pledge Support Form

If anyone out there is interested in getting involved, we would love to have you.  There are lots of ways to be part of Run for the Call, and most of them do not involve pushing through 14 miles just to get picked on by your 50 year old mother!  You can learn more at RunForTheCall.wordpress.com.


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