Prayer Warriors Report

In 2006, in the early days of January, my wife and I went to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to have our first child. It seems strange hearing that, I’m sure, as most children who end up in Children’s Hospital are born in a regular maternity wing of a general hospital and transported tragically to the NICU at Children’s. Not ours. He was too fragile even to make it through his own birth without medical support. So, we drove to Children’s and nearly 8 hours later, after a 3 1/2 hour procedure, our son was born and was stable, being supported by an advanced heart and lung machine that was filtering his blood and providing his body with oxygen while his lungs had the chance to grow and start supporting his body on their own.

I often think back to that day and a word that often comes to my mind is “peace.” Perhaps it was the fact that I was surrounded in the waiting room by my family. Perhaps it was because I knew my wife’s father (who is a doctor) was in the room with her. Perhaps it was the obvious confidence displayed the the many nurses and doctors I had spoken with that day. Perhaps. Jesus with LambThen again, perhaps it was something much greater than that. I believe that this peace cam from the knowledge that back home and beyond, there were people praying for me and my family. There were people who stopped their work for even a brief moment that day and asked God to protect my family and be with the doctors, that both my wife and my son would live. God was holding us in his hands that day and it was because of the prayers of so many people, that perhaps I didn’t even know, that I was able to feel that and rest in His peace.

Justin at 7It turns out, our son, Justin, became the first baby born using this procedure at Children’s Hospital, and the doctors and nurses said that looking back over the number of procedures like his that they have done since his birth, his was the most “textbook” they have seen. Today, he is a happy, healthy 7 year old boy who continues to astound. I find no coincidence in that.

I’m sure we all have stories like this or at least we have all heard stories like this. Prayer is effective, and prayer is important. That is why, to help us spread the message of vocation to the entire Archdiocese and to help our seminarians to the greatest extent possible, we are calling on men and women of all ages to become prayer warriors for our cause. We need people who are willing to sacrifice just a little bit of time at least once a week for our cause. 300Our goal is to reach 300 prayer warriors! That is 3 prayer warriors for every 1 runner. Will you help us? Will you dedicate yourselves to praying for your own vocation, for the vocation of our seminarians, for the success of our Run for the Call team and the safety of all our runners as they train and run the race? Sign up today and become a Prayer Warrior for the Call!

Additionally, because we believe in the power of prayer, we would also like to encourage you to share with us any prayer intentions you may have. We will distribute those requests to our team members and will post them on our Prayer Requests page. We ask all our prayer warriors to keep these intentions in their prayers as well.


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