Run for the Call is Coming to Minster Oktoberfest!!

Hello again world! Things have once again settled down around here just in time to get them heating back up as we announce that Run for the Call is now looking for team members to join us for the annual Minster Oktoberfest Classic 10K.

The Oktoberfest 10K, on October 7th at 9:30 am, is the largest road race and possibly the most competitive 10K in the state! In an area chock full of road races, this one takes the cake. Drawing over 1400 participants last year the list of winners over the previous 20 years include people from all over Ohio and from Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, New Zealand and even Kenya! This is not an opportunity you want to miss!

This 10K takes part on one of the flattest courses you can find and the course takes you in and around one of the many beautiful small towns in the Northern part of the Archdiocese (or “God’s country” as we Northern Archdiocese folk like to call it).

As was the case with the Marathon weekend we ask that each member sign up on our site and then go register through the Minister Oktoberfest website (or click here to print and mail your registration). Our corporate team name is, of course, Run for the Call. Make sure to check mark that box when you register.

We are not planning to use this race as an opportunity to raise funds but as an opportunity raise awareness about vocations and to support our seminarians with our training and effort on race day.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!


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