Now is the Time

Hello, New Year! Hello, new year’s resolutions!

Are you like the millions of other Americans who made a new year’s resolution to “be more active?” Well, guess what, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Make a commitment to join our team and run in the Flying Pig Half Marathon on May 6th! It’s almost exactly 4 months away from today and that means that if you start training now (even just a little bit), you can be in shape enough to finish the half marathon. I know it sounds insane, because you can barely even run a quarter-mile without wheezing, but I believe anybody can do it if they put in the time (certain medical conditions dependent, of course). Setting achievable, recordable goals is the key to maintaining any resolution (whether that be in prayer, business, social life or physical fitness) and this is a great opportunity! Now is the time!

If you join our team you will not only become active in the physical sense, but will also become active in the community by helping to raise awareness and money for a very worthwhile cause! Think about it, pray about it and act on it!

The deadline for early registration is January 31st, so act soon. If you find that you simply cannot do this, please consider joining us in prayer, as we will need the strength of the Lord to accomplish all we have set out to do!


2 thoughts on “Now is the Time

  1. I’m excited to see such a great group being formed! I am curious though about the specific commitments to being on the team. Does the team run together? Is there a fund raising goal per participant? Any more information you could give me would be great!

    • Thanks, Katie! There are no specific commitments to being on the team except to offer up the prayers of those who’ve requested them. The team members each register and train on their own (unless, of course, individual members make plans to meet and run on a regular basis). The goals for each person’s fundraising efforts are set from one person to the next as well. No minimum or maximum goal. All money donated through the website will not be specifically marked to one person, but rather put into the general fund. Our goal in growing this group is to have more people to help us grow the fund and help more seminarians and this Archdiocese in the process.

      I hope that helps!

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