Prayer Requests

The Catholic Faith Tradition has a rich history of various forms of prayer. One form that often gets overlooked and, at the same time, perhaps the most misunderstood, is that of prayer through suffering or redemptive suffering. While the idea that suffering can be a form of prayer may seem counter-intuitive, the truth lies in Jesus Christ himself (as all Truth does). He gave us the ultimate model of redemptive suffering by accepting willingly his passion and death on the cross! We believe that by allowing ourselves to enter into that passion through our own suffering we can also enter into the resurrection that Christ won for us.

Distance running is one of many sports that makes this form of suffering all too abundant as it often challenges us and takes us beyond what we physically thought possible. And so, as we train for these events and as we take part in these races, we want to take the opportunity to offer up all your prayers, intentions and struggles. We’ve got a lot of opportunities to offer up some pain and suffering on your behalf over the next 5 months. Who could use it?

Let us know at our Prayer Request page.

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About Wayne

Wayne has a wonderful, loving and supportive wife and six beautiful children. He is the Associate Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and loves learning more about the Catholic Faith and challenging himself and others to live life more fully by doing the will of God each day.

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