Benefit Concert Recap: What a Night!!

IMG_0275The crowd was small for our first ever Run for the Call Benefit Concert, but that didn’t stop the duo of Danny and Japes from getting the night started right, with energy and enthusiasm that drew the kids out to the dance floor from the first beat! And from that point on the fun didn’t stop (and neither did the kids)!


Easter Rising Band (Danny and Japes can be seen in the background as well)

All around the Meyer Center people were laughing, and dancing and playing and clapping along to the sounds of Irish music provided by one of the best Irish music duos many had ever heard and it only escalated when Easter Rising joined the stage!

Sometime in the middle of the night, our seminarians showed just how fun our seminarians can be as they put on a display of their own dance moves.

The only thing missing, it seems, was the Feisty. That would have made the entire night complete.


The night’s emcee, Chris Geiger, with his dad

By the end of the night, several families had spiritually adopted seminarians, our list of team members was started, Chris Geiger (our emcee for the night) was the lucky winner of our Spartan Race Giveaway and we raised over $900 for our seminarians!

All in all, it was a fantastic start to our Run for the Call 2014-1015 season and I’m looking forward to many more great moments!

Many thanks to our event sponsors, Freshway Foods and the St. Margaret of York Knights of Columbus Council. Thanks also to St. Susanna for the use of the Meyer Center, to the bands, to Chris Geiger and the rest of the seminarians who were able to make it out and to the many great volunteers and our great planning team for helping to organize and make this event happen. We are looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

Easter Rising and Dany and Japes finish the night with the "Salve Regina"

Easter Rising and Dany and Japes finish the night with the “Salve Regina”

If you missed the concert, you can still Spiritually Adopt a seminarian, join the team, or donate to our seminarians. Any kind of contributions you are able to make are GREATLY appreciated!

Top 10 Reasons to Come Tomorrow!

The Run for the Call Celtic Benefit Concert is happening tomorrow from 6-11pm at St. Susanna’s Meyer Center in Mason, OH. The Center is located behind St. Susanna School at 500 Reading Road. Admission for everyone 13 and older is just $10 and includes entrance into the Piggest Raffle Ever (100% of the $10 will go to support our seminarians in the Run for the Call Seminarian Assistance Fund). But, sometimes that isn’t enough to inspire everyone to come. So, I have created a list of 10 Reasons to Cancel Everything else and come join us tomorrow night (that I have been sharing on Twitter over the last 24 hours) and I think, maybe these will get you in the right mind set:

#10 – We are giving away a FREE entrance to a Spartan Race!

#9 – Your inner Irish just needs to get up and dance more than once a year!

#8 – You could win a 2-Year Lease on a Toyoya Prius just by paying to get in!

#7 – You will get the chance to meet the illustrious Chris Geiger and some of his fellow seminarians!

#6 – You can become a Spiritually Adoptive Family for one of our seminarians!

#5 – You can’t find a better night out (with or without the kids) than a $10 concert for a great cause! (Did I mention, children 12 and under are free?!)

#4 – You are a regular runner, but you have been looking for motivation, a purpose for your  aches and pains (and a discount for running in the Flying Pig); you’ll find all that here!

#3 – Seeking God’s will in our lives is what all Jesus’ disciples are doing these days! And so is supporting those who are doing just that!

#2 – You know someone who is a seminarian or someone who is considering it and you’ve always wanted to show them how much their “Yes” inspires you!

#1 – Danny and Japes and the Easter Rising Band are going to be there and putting on a show! Do you need any other reason?!

This is sure to be an awesome night filled with fun, food and laughter. We will have snacks available all night with pizza and hot dogs and soft drinks available for purchase. The night will also include a great testimony from our emcee, Chris Geiger, in addition to the opportunity to meet our new vocation director, Fr. Dan Schmitmeyer.

So, whatever you had planned with your friends, change those plans and come join us! We’d love to see you there tomorrow night, from 6-11pm at St. Susanna’s Meyer Center behind St. Susanna School at 500 Reading Rd., Mason, OH 45040!

Flying Pig Partners

CFPM_logoOnce again this year, for the 4th year in a row, Run for the Call is officially a Flying Pig Partner Charity! This means that anyone who is planning to run in the Flying Pig Marathon races (5K, 10K, Half, Full, 4-Person Relay, Flying Fur) can join our team and, through using a special code, donate 10% of your registration directly to our seminarians! 

In addition, we are also registered as a Piggest Raffle Ever Charity, which means that you can purchase your Piggest Raffle Ever tickets through us and donate the entire $5 right back to our seminarian assistance fund! 

So, join our team today and purchase a couple of Raffle tickets for Run for the Call or, even better, sign up and purchase your tickets at the Celtic Benefit Concert on September 27th!  

Benefit Concert Update

The first ever Run for the Call Celtic Benefit Concert is less than 4 weeks away and we are excited to share with you the Official Concert Flyer! Please print and make copies of this flyer and post them in your parishes, share them with your friends and plan to bring a group.

Don’t forget that the $10 cost also includes a Piggest Raffle Ever Raffle ticket and snacks throughout the night. We also will  be giving away an entrance into a Spartan Race of your choice and you will have the opportunity to spiritually adopt one of our seminarians and to sign up to join Run for the Call in the upcoming Flying Pig Marathon!

Official Concert Flyer

Benefit Concert Bonus: Spartan Race GIVEAWAY

Run for the Call has always been and will continue to be about spreading the message about vocations; it’s about spreading the message that each of us has been formed by God for a specific purpose and we are called to fulfill that purpose. Therefore, we must chase after that purpose with all of our being. We must seek it and follow it every day. Running, and the training that running involves, is a perfect metaphor for that journey. Just think about the number of times we hear about “running the race,” “finishing the race,” “competing so as to win,” all throughout St. Paul’s letters especially.  Running involves training, discipline, perseverance, determination, sacrifice and a lot of suffering, all of which lead us to grow and eventually reach our goals. In much the same way, our spiritual lives require the use of all those virtues and all, with God’s grace, will help us arrive at our ultimate goal of Heaven.

Just yesterday I was sent an invitation to join in one of the most popular outdoor races in the world, the Spartan Race. For anyone who has not heard of the Spartan Race, here is a little sneak peek:

As you can see, these races involve a lot more than just running; these races take on a whole new level of sacrifice and suffering and you can win the opportunity to join in for FREE! You can win the opportunity to offer all that suffering and sacrifice for the seminarians studying for our Archdiocese and for the fulfillment of your own vocation! What an opportunity and you only have to do three simple things:

  1. share the Celtic Benefit Concert information with all your friends (whether by social media or in person or as an announcement at your parish),
  2. come to the Celtic Benefit Concert, and
  3. put your name in the Spartan Race jar!

Spartan Race CruiseIn addition to the opportunity to win an entrance into any open heat Spartan Race in the continental US, the people at Spartan Race want to give you the opportunity to win one of 2 all inclusive trips for 2 to the Spartan CRUISE happening March 6-9, 2015 on Norwegian Cruise ship, Sky. In addition to the Sprint Spartan Race, the three day cruise will include a full day at Great Stirrup Cay and all the usual great cruise amenities you would expect from the Norwegian Cruise line. All you have to do to enter this Sweepstakes is go to this website and enter your information:

For those who may be hesitant because you wouldn’t want to leave your children behind, their cruise tickets are FREE for this trip, too. (Though you would have to pay for flight and other fees associated with cruise travel). So, put your name in the drawing and get training and while you train, pray for our seminarians and chase after your vocation!

It’s a CELTIC Benefit Concert!

Sons o' Blarney screen shotAfter a couple of very exciting days of planning and booking, it seems we are going to have ourselves not just any old benefit concert but a CELTIC Benefit Concert. On Saturday, September 27th, the same day we hope to send many Run for the Call members to join in the Inaugural Grand Lake St. Mary’s Marathon, from 6-11pm, we will fill the Meyer Center at St. Susanna Catholic Church in Mason, OH with the sounds of the Green Island country. 

The night will begin with the Sons O’ Blarney getting the crowd going and up on their feet. This band knows how to have fun and is sure to be a real treat for those who haven’t experienced their style here in Cincinnati! 

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 3.30.34 PMAfter that, it is our hope to welcome the McGing Academy of Irish Dance to do an Irish dance presentation and get the crowd into a traditional Irish square dance! 

The evening will come to a close to the music of one of Cincinnati’s most popular Irish groups, Easter Rising. 

So, it’s Irish night at the Meyer Center and it all goes to benefit the mission of Run for the Call and our great seminarians! 

Oh, and don’t forget, your $10 admission comes with an entry into the Piggest Raffle Ever at the Flying Pig Marathon and you’ll have the opportunity to Spiritually Adopt one of our Seminarians and join the Run for the Call team that night as well! Don’t miss the excitement!

Grand Lake St Mary’s or Bust!

MARATHON-LOGODo you miss all the fun and excitement of the flying pig last year? Is the next race just too far away?! Well, then we have some great news for you. Celina will be hosting the first inaugural Grand Lake St. Mary’s Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10k and 5k on Saturday, September 27th.

Come join others in representing Run For The Call. Pick your race, email a request to get your t-shirt, and then proclaim with us the truth that every person has a vocation worth chasing after!

See at the races!