Today We Remember

It is amazing how fast time flies and how many things we tend to forget, but today is a day of importance for runners all across the US and in a very special way for us here at Run for the Call.

BostonStrongRibbonAs you probably have already seen in many places on Facebook and Twitter, today marks the memorial of the bombing of the Boston Marathon just one year ago. It was a sad and frightening day that quickly turned into a moment of inspiration. Like the moment of that long run when you think you just can’t go any farther, and then you do, this moment only made the running world that much stronger. Let us pray for the victims of the bombings and let us pray for the bombers.

Robert dillerAlso, today, marks the anniversary of the death of Mr. Robert Diller, the man whose suffering and death inspired so many. Because of his willingness to offer his suffering for the greater good of others, his family and friends were able to raise over $3000 for the seminarians of the Archdiocese in our first year as an organization. These words were written by his daughter today:

“Though I thought I had toiled in vain and for nothing, uselessly, spent my strength, yet my reward is with the Lord…It is too little, he says, for you to be my servant…I will make you a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach the ends of the earth” Isaiah 49:4,6

Two years ago on Monday of Holy week one of the most holy and humble men I knew left this earth. I miss my dad every day, but remember what he taught us. He suffered intensely, and with such a joy. Today I challenge you to tie your sufferings and toils to the cross and be a light to the nations for God just like my dad.

Thank you, Robert, for teaching us what it means to be a disciple of Christ!

Run-a-Thon Boost

run for the call finalFirst, let me say, there are only 3 days left to register for your Flying Pig race through Run for the Call. After April 18th, the discount no longer applies! So if you’ve been putting off registering because you weren’t sure how your training would go or because you just didn’t think about it, or because you have been out of the country for the past three months, SIGN UP TODAY!!

Secondly, and the point of this post, I am happy to announce that we have joined with to help us boost our efforts with this year’s Run-a-thon. So far we have had very few pledges come in, but, if you can help us spread the word, we will easily reach our goal of $5000! So, share on Facebook and Twitter the link below and encourage people to help us support our seminarians!

*90% of your pledges at go to directly to the seminarians*

Last Chance to Register!

newsboy3I can’t believe I’m saying this but we are now just 10 days away from the deadline to register with us for the Flying Pig Marathon weekend events!

Over the past couple of days our team has taken a considerable jump up, but there is still time for us to grow! So, if you have already signed up, tell everyone you know that they can save a considerable amount of money on their registration by joining our team! If you haven’t already committed to a race, what are you waiting for?!

Sign up today!

Introducing New Facebook Page and RFTC Ambassadors

Big things are happening once again at Run for the Call! First, we want to introduce our brand new Facebook page! Please go on over and “Like” the page and stay up to date on all the great stuff Run for the Call is doing and supporting. We have begun listing many area races we are encouraging our members to support and will continue to put upcoming news and events including our current Run-a-Thon campaign (more on that in another post)!

AmbassadorsSecondly, we are introducing a brand new partnership level called Ambassadors.  As a rule, ambassadors are willing to represent a group to people who have never heard of the group before (and evangelize those who have) and RFTC’s ambassadors will not be different. These special volunteers are willing to help us spread the good news that we are all called by God with a special purpose; that we should be willing to chase after that vocation with great vigor. Our RFTC Ambassors will help us reach out and find new members on four different levels: (1) prayer partners – those who dedicate to pray at least once a week for Run for the Call, (2) running partners – those who will dedicate themselves to training and running in one of the Flying Pig races or other upcoming road race, (3) funding partners – those who dedicate some of the treasure given to them by God for the direct support of seminarians in formation, or (4) volunteer partners – those who will give of their time and talent during Flying Pig weekend or at one of our RFTC sponsored events/fundraiser (and any combination of those four!). Finally, these special volunteers, like all ambassadors will stay in close communication with the Run for the Call leadership so as to help us spread a strong consistent message far and wide and help the leadership receive good feedback from our members and potential members. You don’t have to be a runner to be an ambassador, you don’t have to be available during Flying Pig Weekend to be an ambassador, you just have to be committed to fostering a vocation-oriented culture and to supporting our seminarians as they continue their formation to become, by the grace of God, our next Catholic priests.

sendingWe need some of those ambassadors to step up this week! So, please take this to prayer and consider how God is calling you to participate in the Run for the Call team this year. Then contact us at and let us know, “I want to be an Ambassador!”


Winter Warm Up Celebration

newsboy3Calling all Run for the Call participants!

We are now about halfway through our 6 week winter warm-up, and it seems, at least for the moment, the weather is starting to hear the cries of us runners! Let us get out and run!! We here at Run for the Call thought it would be great for us to plan a large celebratory run to mark the end of our Warm-Up. This will be an opportunity for us to pray together and continue to build on the momentum we have started to gain through the first three weeks of our Winter Warm up. On the final weekend of our Winter Warm-Up, March 15 and 16, we are planning runs in the North, in Dayton and in Cincinnati to gather all our current Run for the Call team members at around 9:00 in the morning and finish this Winter Warm-Up with a bang!

Details about each run are in the works and will be published very soon! Just keep an eye out here and on our Facebook group to get the official meeting times and locations.

In the meantime, keep recruiting new runners, adding your runs to our Facebook Group page and getting into our weekly drawings for great prizes!

The 6-Week Warmup

punxsutawney philWell, Groundhog’s Day has come and gone and as you probably know Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow and so back into his burrow he went to sleep off another 6 weeks of winter. But we here at Run for the Call are ready to put winter behind us now. And you know how we’re going to do that? That’s right…we run!
As I hope you know by now, Run For the Call is an organization of men and women who offer up the experience of running as a prayer that all people might discover the vocation that God has in mind for their lives. We promote the belief that “We all have a vocation, and I am chasing after mine!” As in year’s past, we are now starting to recruit runners to join us at the Flying Pig Marathon on the first weekend of May. lucky-smurfs-prizes1If you join us this year, you’ll have a great opportunity to win prizes, get in shape, get to know some really great Christian runners, and learn how to transform your workouts into prayer. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME. All you have to do is commit to running at least once each week between February 2nd and March 15th. Then email or post to Facebook to let us know about each run. Just tell us how far and in which county you ran.
So far, our prize pool includes scarves, RFTC running shirts, movies, books, and an entry fee for one of the Flying Pig Saturday races! Better still, there is no reason to run alone. Contact us or join the Facebook group to get in touch with other people who might want to run in your area. Looking forward to seeing you out on the road, the trails, the treadmill, or the track!

UPDATE: Run for All Souls

Run for all SoulsOn Saturday, November 2nd, Run for the Call will inaugurate it’s 2013-14 training season with an Archdiocesan-wide training run at 9:00 am in 4 different locations throughout the Archdiocese (a 5th group will be active in the Northern Cincinnati region (near Mason) in the future but will not be able to meet for this run). We will have teams meeting in Downtown Cincinnati, Beavercreek, Troy and Sidney, OH and all runners of any skill level are welcome and encouraged to attend.

We will begin all our runs with a short prayer service for All the Souls in Purgatory and will then split into running groups of varying skill sets. We will run for approximately 30 minutes (though you are welcome to run longer or stop early) and will re-group to close our time together in prayer once again.

We hope that, on top of being a great community-building activity that will provide our Run for the Call efforts with great energy moving forward, this will be a wonderful spiritual experience for all those who attend.

Here are the details for each meeting location:

  1. Downtown Cincinnati: meet at Theodore M. Barry International Friendship Park (on Riverside Drive). Park in the Montgomery Inn Boathouse parking lot (it connects to the park). Contact Wayne at 513-205-7169.
  2. Beavercreek: Meet at Beavercreek Station and the 9-11 Memorial (part of the Creekside Trail -1153 N. Fairfield Rd. in Beavercreek). Contact Josh E. at joshenglefield(at)
  3. Troy: Meet at Brukner Nature Center (at 5995 Horseshoe Bend Rd., Troy, OH). Contact Hollie at 937-698-6493.
  4. Sidney: Meet at Tawawa Park (park in the Soccer Field parking lot near the Alpine Playground). Contact Josh D. at 937-492-4449.

When you arrive at each location on November 2nd, be prepared to sign a medical waiver form, and if you have children with you under the age of 18 they will need the full medical release information filled out and signed by their parent. You can get a copy of this form here (for adults) and here (for teens).

Looking forward to seeing you on November 2nd!

P.S. If you have special prayer requests you would like for us to offer up during our Run for All Souls, please send them in using our Prayer Requests page.